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  • The Macchiaioli

    The exhibition 'The Macchiaioli. The Collections Revealed’ at the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome until September 4th displays important paintings by the Macchiaioli and others

    The works that belonged to great collections of the past – for example those of Cristiano Banti, Diego Martelli, Rinaldo Carnielo, Edoardo Bruno, Gustavo Sforni, Mario Galli, Enrico Checcucci, Camillo Giussani and Mario Borgiotti – are now mostly in private collections and represent the core of the most important 19th-century Italian movement in painting.

    The over 110 works on display are the gems of the rich collections of great art patrons of the period. They were extremely interesting personalities who shared a great passion for painting, entrepreneurs and businessmen in love with beauty, without whom we could never admire these masterpieces today. Sometimes personally donated by the artists themselves, but more often purchased to support painter friends going through hard times, these works – that give aesthetic pleasure and enrich major collections – have become masterpieces sought after by the great art connoisseurs of our day.

    Monday to Friday 10am - 8pm
    Saturday and Sunday 10am - 9pm
    Chiostro del Bramante
    Via Arco della Pace 5, Rome