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Rome is alive with gastronomic adventure and obsessed with the pursuit of culinary excellence.

  • Cuisine

    Rome is alive with gastronomic adventure and obsessed with the pursuit of culinary excellence.

    Classic dishes are reinterpreted, and new dishes born throughout the city as award-winning chefs are drawn to perform their art in a most appreciative and devoted atmosphere. The pleasure of taking a drink with friends is very much a part of Roman life.
    Wine bars, cocktail bars and local aperitivo favourites are dotted throughout the area in which Residenza di Ripetta resides. Enjoying food and drink together is how it is done, with most of these bars serving delicious gourmet snacks alongside refreshing local and national specialities such as Negroni sbagliato.

  • Café di Ripetta & Giardino di Ripetta

    The pursuit of culinary excellence

    Residenza di Ripetta is home to Café di Ripetta Restaurant along with the secluded Giardino di Ripetta.
    These much-loved and much-lauded venues allow Chef Rodolfo Chieroni to craft and showcase his culinary masterpieces.
    Rodolfo's dishes are not only ideals of Italian flavour and aroma, but also of colour and composition, and loyal clientele understand his food to be a visual treat, real ‘pictorial cuisine’. The refined dining room is capacious yet intimate and alive with modern and antique art.

    Its natural hues, fine antique furniture, deep armchairs and luxurious soft furnishings are a warm embrace for its guests. For dining under the sky by day or night, food and carefully selected wines are served in the lush Mediterranean Giardino di Ripetta.

    Via di Ripetta, 231 - Rome (Italy)
    +39 06 3231144
    [email protected]
    Breakfast: from 7 am to 10 am
    Lunch: from 12.30 pm to 6.30 pm
    Dinner: from 7 pm to 10.30 pm

  • Our Chef

    Rodolfo Chieroni

    Chef Rodolfo Chieroni was born in Rome. His passion for his city runs deep and can be felt in the flavours he creates and the stunning presentation of his dishes.

    After training at the prestigious High Institute of Culinary Art in Venice, Rodolfo gained invaluable experience working in the kitchens of St. Regis Grand Hotel, the Giardino degli Ulivi of the Hotel Cavalieri Hilton and another deluxe Rome hotel, Hotel d’Inghilterra.

    His food philosophy is to experiment and to tell stories with his dishes. He innovates by creating unexpected flavour pairings that lead to exciting new experiences, but the taste of Italy is always at the heart of his dishes.

  • Café di Ripetta American Bar

    Expertly mixed cocktails

    Our striking, classic city centre bar is the perfect forum for relaxation.
    Expertly mixed cocktails and a diverse list of local and international wines, spirits and beers grace the menu here.
    Chestnut leather stools and banquette seating retain the sense of heritage that is felt throughout the hotel, but modern touches give this space a fresh and reviving atmosphere.