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Our History

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17th century baroque treasure, Residenza di Ripetta is a former convent.

To enter its expansive, verdant inner courtyard is to enter an oasis in the very centre of Rome. Paintings, statues, and original frescoes adorn its many enticing spaces but a remarkable collection of contemporary art also reside here.

Located between Piazza del Popolo and the Spanish Steps, throughout the centuries, the Residenza di Ripetta provided shelter for religious, unmarried girls ‘endowed with good talent and lively and generous compassion’ to ‘keep them away from the dangers of the world and preserve their virtues, until the opportunity of either a marriage or becoming nuns’.

The original convent developed and grew over centuries thanks to the generous papal support. One of the most honourable donors was Pope Innocenzo XI, whose marble bust is now located in the main ballroom - a former chapel of the convent.